Glad to see a few more key signings coming in pre-season. Vedran Corluka played to hard to get for a while but we signed him for £5M which is pretty good for a regular first-teamer.

Vedran Corluka at age 21

Corluka is not especially great stats-wise as you can see but he gives rock solid performance at right-back while getting a few goals along the way too.

As well as Corluka we splashed the cash and signed our most expensive player for £18M – he will be crucial in the midfield engine room for the next decade or so.

Mikel John Obi is a great midfielder (usually) and with Huddlestone and Sissoko (who also signed, see below) will form the backbone of my team for the next 10-15 years. He gets over 7 consistently and scores and assists a fair few as well. £18M well spent in my book.

As mentioned, I also got Sissoko from Liverpool youth, for £11M.

Momo Sissoko at age 22

Sissoko is arguably the best of the midfield trio, he has the edge in goals scored and this pushes up his average score over the seasons. All three midfielders can tackle and pass to a high standard and all are pretty quick too, so they cover the main stats nicely.

Finally for major signings I’ve gone for Cavenahgi from Bordeax as I think my strike-force is a bit light given the age of Bojan and Saha.

To be honest I am not a massive fan of Cavenaghi but he will do for a season or two until Bojan and Saha are old enough to play every game at a good enough level. He can hit 50 plus goals in a seaon but isn’t as consistent as other top strikers in my experience.

You may notice a lack of centre-backs, to be honest I find that a difficult area to fill as nobody seems up to the job for any length of time, they have a few good seasons and then go off. I quite like Micah Richards but can’t afford him now even with the sales we’ve made, so I will stick with the Spurs default defence of Ledly King and Michael Dawson, they are good enough for now.

Other signings made are just some youngsters for the future, I rate Aaron Ramsey, Victor Moses and John Bostock as well worth getting eary on. The latter two from Palace you can pick them up for £2-300k or so, they are very handy once they get into their 20s, but might not be good enough for my squad with Sissoko and Obi, certainly make a profit on them though!

I did try to sign Cesc Fabregas from Arsenal as well as he is a great midfielder who scores and assists but they wanted silly money – partly as we’re arch-rivals so had to abandon that, I may try again later in the season.

It’s now time to play our first league games (Spurs are not in any other competitions other than the FA and League cups) and we are going with a 4-3-3 formation, this is my default see below:

It’s a standard back 4, I find in a good season I concede less than a goal every other game in the league – it’s simple but effective. The main thing here is 3 in midfield, all central midfielers and 3 up front, all strikers or centre-forwards. As long as you have 3 midfielders who can tackle and pass you will control most games, they need stamina and pace ideally as well. Then with three players up front you should score a sackful of goals too, most seasons I end up with most goals and concede fewest as well.

You’ll notice I also signed Vermuilen as well at centre-back, more on him later.

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