I’ve just started out managing Spurs and have a budget of £50M at my disposal – not bad for 2008 but as I only have 3 players I’m 100% happy with it’s not enough, so time to sell off some players.

Spurs have a few players around the £8-£12 M mark and I just put them all up for sale, it takes a few months to sell some of them and by then I intend having replacements drafted in.

Robbie Kean, Jermaine Defoe, Aaron Lennon and Darren Bent are all put on the transfer list with the rest – Lennon is actually quite a good player but not with the system I play, more on that later.

Spurs reserves and youth squad don’t have anyone worth much cash so I am keeping them for now.

So that’s done, pretty much the entire squad is now up for sale and this is the fans expectation, before a single signing has been made:

Talk about blind optimism, I’ll see what I can do guys!

Just a matter of time now and waiting for the offers to roll in – meantime I’ll spend what money we currently have sat in the bank.

First signing I’m going for is Bojan – this guy is very heavily tipped as one of the best strikers in the game and it’s good to sign him early when he’s relatively cheap. His stats are not great early on at age 16 but he matures into an excellent striker and I’ve seen his value up around £40M so I am going for him early. First bid of £6M going in.

Other players I want to tempt are Manuel Neuer (GK 21 yo Schalke) , Ben Sahar (Striker 18 yo QPR), Momo Sissoko (Liverpool 16 yo, DMC), Vedran Corluka (FBR Man City), Max Pavlis (18 yo FW at AEK). I’ve put bids in for all of these and now need to wait as funds won’t allow many more purchases – there’s nothing worse than getting a player agreed to sign but then not having the money to complete the transfer so I want to avoid that.

I’ve had a few bids on some of my players alread, I’ve negotiated all for bit more cash and asked for 40% on all future transfers – you tend to find they always agree to this and it’s a nice windfall when the players do move on again.

It’s early July so about a month until the season starts, need to transform this team quickly!

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