First Signings

After a couple of weeks wheeling and dealing, we have a few new players at the club and have managed to offload a few has-beens.

First signings

Pleased to see Bojan signing, he will be a key striker for the next decade and a half. Paid a bit over the odds for him but nothing drastic considering what his value will be in time. Also got Pavlis who is a good if not brilliant striker, that was a good deal at £1.6M. Finally Neuer who again was probably a bit pricey but is number one keeper for a good 15 years or so.

We offloaded Robinson and Murphby, both at good prices so to date we have nearly balanced the books with a couple more signings in progress – a surprise was Corluka deciding he doesn’t want to join the team, so will try him again while looking for another FBR.

Bojan at 16.

As you can see, Bojan’s stats are pretty handy for a 16 year old, but as with most youngsters he won’t be good enough for the first team just yet. I’ll play him as a sub and give him the odd run out until he matures enough.

Now for Pavlis:

Mixalis Pavlis at 17

Now Pavlis is pretty much good enough at age 17 to play in the first team alongside Berbatov, let’s see how he gets on. He’s not quite as prolific as Bojan in my experience (but not played this much so maybe not).

Finally for the first signings, here’s the new keeper Manuel Neuer:

Good stats for a keeper but I am not really a fan of keepers, the game never gives them good ratings, anything around 6.5 is good. I think if you can keep the goals down to 0.5 a game or thereabouts you’re doing well.

I cannot really risk spending more money at the moment with the other transfers I have still in negotiation, hopefully we can sell another couple of players quickly. Three weeks to go to our first competitive game, away at West Ham – tasty!

In the meantime we are doing a tour of Holland playing some friendlies, I usually pick my best team for these and drop in the odd younger player to see how they get on. Try to ensure everyone is fresh and ready to go for the first league game.

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